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Your cosplays are so beautiful.
Thu Mar 20, 2014, 6:26 AM
you are so handsome! i am watching you for sure :D <3
Sun Jun 16, 2013, 10:54 PM
:heart: I'm your new watcher now! I like your photographs! :dance:
Sun Feb 24, 2013, 11:15 PM
Hello there cutie! ;)
Thu Feb 7, 2013, 1:22 AM


Related to the 14th DA anniversary... This is a little about my story on DA.

First of all around 2005-2006 I've been more a visitor for have a look on some things here and here....

Around 2007 I've open a first account, under the name of "Taur-nu-fuin_Edhel" .; or something like that x)
That first account was more about craft that I've start to do, mostly fantasy related (Warhammer, Middle Earth related... )
You could have seen stuff like thoses deviations :

Morgul Banner by Carancerth Leather Tasette by Carancerth Leather Poldron by Carancerth Mage Sylvain by Carancerth

Then I've wanted something different and I decided to change my account name for something else...
I've decide to have a "better name", "Carancerth" was born (okay honestly... I don't think this is the best ever but people can find me easily with my name too ^^" )

And then I start to do some basic shootings and "univer inspired things"
Like Sweeney todd Inspired (wich was kindof random clothes for me honestly... )

Wait For The Next Costumer by Carancerth Blood And Wax by Carancerth Fleet Street by Carancerth I Will Have You by Carancerth
Also, simple "costumes" improvised with few things that I already have.
WayWatcher by Carancerth Wild Face by Carancerth

And came out this idea of trying to "cosplay" properly character...

First "serious" step was Lestat :

Lestat : A Question About God by Carancerth Step Away From Light by Carancerth Lestat: A Lust For Blood by Carancerth

Then I've think about other possibilities, and in the meanwhile I've try to increase my propmaking :

Harad Shield by Carancerth Mirkwood Shield by Carancerth Harad Bow by Carancerth Mirkwood Bow by Carancerth Elvish Leather Corselet by Carancerth Mirkwood Quiver by Carancerth Rohirrim Shield by Carancerth Come and get me ! by Carancerth An Elf in the Village by Carancerth

The Joker came out as another serious business, think about a good makeup was one of the hardest part, find good setting was too..
But putting the character in good settings and with comrades came out for me as an evidence... Big influence coming from the Cinema.

Joker's Mad Smile by Carancerth Nice place, isn't it? by Carancerth Where is He? by Carancerth You Look At Me by Carancerth

With a need of improovement into the makeup part it give better results ;)

The Joker is a 'Funny Boy' by Carancerth FUCK by Carancerth WHAT? by Carancerth There is the madness by Carancerth Psychosocial - Joker Cosplay by Carancerth

Next steps were related to performs:

The Minotaure 20-11-2010 by Carancerth Walk to An other field by Carancerth Black and White Minotaure by Carancerth Face to a bull by Carancerth Totem by Carancerth

And the need of production for try to get some money from my work, so, I've invested efforts, money and much in it...

Succubus Wings by Carancerth Succubus Hooves V1 by Carancerth Succubus Top by Carancerth Succubus Wings V2.1 by Carancerth

Naamah The Succubus by Carancerth A Demon in the Wild by Carancerth Incubus in Pontoise by Carancerth Dryad at Pontoise by Carancerth Minotaure TGS by Carancerth Hell's Minotaure by Carancerth Welcome in Hell by Carancerth Demonic Couple by Carancerth 

It have been a period without "cosplay".. more thinking about fantasy and of to use a charactr for performs...

Then the need of going back in this.. with more experience, and for push myself to produce quality things...
Warcraft was the thing that I have pick up first, with Middle earth.
Props were mostly my activities :

Troll Gloves + Shoes by Carancerth Orcish Weapon by Carancerth Warcraft Troll's Skulls Totem by Carancerth Arrows from Far Harad by Carancerth Warcraft Troll's Voodoo Mask by Carancerth Harad Armor and Flag by Carancerth Rohirrim Wembrace by Carancerth Rohirrim leather Armor by Carancerth

Then later trying to make some prototypes for Arthas...
But it wasn't good enought for me... This is why I'm still working/managing this project.

Arthas as Death Knight - 1st step by Carancerth Arthas in Northrend by Carancerth Arthas: Paladin W.I.P. 1 by Carancerth Arthas Menethil: Warcraft Myst of Pandaria  event by Carancerth Arthas as Death Knight  and  Blood elf  Mage. by Carancerth

Then was back on props and costume related to thoses universes... But few time for me and few money, that was my student part of my life too, I think it was quite related x)

Warcraft 3 Militia V1.0 by Carancerth Warcraft Axethrower Troll's Belt by Carancerth Warcraft Wich Doctor Troll Staff by Carancerth Harad Quivers by Carancerth Harad Flag by Carancerth Harad Sabers by Carancerth Troll Axes by Carancerth

End of my studies were approching as a job opportunity... But not thanks to studies.. Thanks to my personnal interest and activities...

So.. This is when I've start to work in Alesia, and with ACTA :

Gladiator : PERCUTITE! by Carancerth Opportunity by Carancerth The Line - ACIEM by Carancerth Museoparc Alesia by Carancerth How to Swing a Sword by Carancerth

It have help me to elvolve, a lot, and provie me things that have help me for increase my skills, and my productions.

Then, I was back on project related or not to history :

Bucklers : Small ronded Shields by Carancerth Woolen Hoods by Carancerth Medieval Flails by Carancerth Steel Armor : Wembrace by Carancerth Gambeson, padded garnment by Carancerth Rohirrim Greaves by Carancerth Blue and Brown Leather Purse by Carancerth

And Irvine Came out as a new serious project for me... :

Final Fantasy VIII - Irvine Kinneas : Necklace by Carancerth Final Fantasy VIII - Irvine Kinneas : Coat by Carancerth Final Fantasy 8 - Irvine Kinneas ' chaps by Carancerth  Irvine Kinneas from Gabaldia Garden by Carancerth Irvine, the Space Cowboy by Carancerth Return of the Space Cowboy, Irvine Kinneas. by Carancerth

And in the meanwhile... The wish to try modeling :

Another Prick On The Wall by Carancerth What Makes A Good Man by Carancerth How You Like Me Now ? by Carancerth

So far my last project are not yet all on DA ....

Since the begining I am hesitating to put here some of my writings, mostly it was poems, thoughts...
I think now... That it's time to put them down in my computer... And here as well...

Also the coming year will be full of props and pictures coming from different univers
I've some Warcraft news, as end of the Irvine & Casual shoot ;)
+ all the things I have to finish.. But I don't know yet when it will be finish and ready...

Thanks for reading, I hope this "Deviantography" Have been interesting for you ;p
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  • Drinking: Water


Chris Vernel
Artist | Professional | Varied
I've start to interest myself in cinema (production, acting, props...) around... something like 8 or 10, and at the same time to weapons.
I've made a year of go shindo, and around eleven I've start to really try to work with weapon, interesting myself to what I can find on the web, and also start "olympic escrime" start Archery by myself and I also join some local theater group.
In college I've start to involve myself into re-enactment like associations, and also start European Mediaval Martial arts.
At University in Reims I've join the "student acting group" organize by the "Comédie de Reims" during two years.
During I was in Reims, I've join the movie "Les Seigneurs d'Outre Monde".
I also start to make perform on stilts and make what become Monstrifera.
After that I've change for another university : in Valence for a "Modern litterature and intertainment arts" degree.
(and at the same time start to make performs on stilts, and start to do amator short movies with "Gotham's Chronicles")
Since June 2012 I'm working with ACTA-archeo, a society working on living history re-enactment & historicals fights (expecialy gladitors and antiquity)
Since, I have been on TV, Podcast, Music clip...
I try to make more professional my work "costume related" ; and also manage conferences about costume making.

Facebook :…

WorldCosplay :

Pixidols :…

Cure Cosplay :…

Tumblr : carancerth-chris-vernel.tumblr…

Twitter :


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